the negative effect of television program toward children personality

Posted: Juni 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Studies in recent years, concluded that conflict with parents, fights among kids, crime on young generation, it has connection with watching TV. Then, for children who like watching a mystical program, they will grow up to be a frightening person, and when they adult, they will make a decision solely on emotion only. Watching TV also will reduce their ability to entertain their selves and crippling his ability to express a logical opinion. However, how many the influence of TV, what is it good or bad for mental development of children, this is determined by the amount of guidance and supervision of children who watch TV.

As we know that the kids like watching TV. If they have watched it, they can watch it until a long time. In a study of children on pre-school, show greater interest in the TV than study. It caused because they more stay at home than play with their friend in out of house. So it is more dangerous for the development of child if they are not controlled. Because they are directly included if they see something and believe without selected first. They will be easier to record the things that are fun. This happens because they do not have the experience, and in their minds there is no filter program. The influence of TV toward children development, it is determined by the amount of guidance and supervision of children who watch TV. And the people who do this are the parents of their own. By guiding the child when watching TV not only keeps children from bad influences but also it will make a good communication between children and parents.

Until now we know that the most of TV programs show the program that containing about crime, seizure of property, pornography and porno action, mystical impressions, hedonistic culture, and etc. If our children every day served with the program, it will make our children not only as a child who is not intelligent but also disturbed personality. Be careful for children who always watch mystical program for a long time, it will be very influential on the child’s personality. Children will grow up to be a frightening people and than when they have been adult, they will make a decision solely on emotion only because the program makes neocortex in their brain to be blunt.

Another effect if the child often uses their time only to watch TV is going to reduce his ability to entertain themselves and crippling his ability to express a logical opinion. Because the television replace their active playing by being passive. Whereas playing will make motor and sensory nerves work would inflame so will enhance physical ability, language skills and the ability to interact with the child’s social environment, they will try to give each other.

Beside of the program, we must be careful to the advertisement. Because the ads are going to make the kids be a consumerism and waster person. When we guide our children when watching TV, we must to select TV programs. And if there is a program that is not suitable with our children do not turn on the television. Select the video games or movies that contain elements of education and promote social values as an example of an Islamic film. When we choose a film that will be watched, we must also invite our child to discuss about good and bad the film that we watch.

Connect the television program which we watch to the experiences of your own or your child. And explain about the intentions of the ads, and the ways that used to sell these products. One thing that should be remembered that tugas of parents is to guide not to prohibit. So make a good connection between children and parents with a dialogue and communication so that the child will eventually understand and even asked for consideration and advice from parents.


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